Give To The Right People

“What goes around comes back around,” isn’t just a line from the 2000’s hit song by Justin Timberlake. It is also a phrase that can describe how karma works in our every day lives. Biz Coaching On Demand’s founder, Fran Tarkenton, recently wrote a blog about how giving is a great thing for business. However, he is quick to summarize the concept from Adam Grant’s ‘Give and Take’, which characterizes people into givers, matchers, or takers. These are all pretty much self explanatory, as people run the gamut from philanthropic to parasitic.

Giving can be a great thing to do for your business, both from a feel-good perspective and from a karma perspective. Unfortunately, if you’re giving to the wrong people, you may not feel any positive effect.  While giving isn’t about the return, you always hope that your resources are going to go to good use. Givers are generally described as ending up at one end or the other of the spectrum – either doing very well or totally wasting their resources. That’s because some know the right people to give to, and others don’t.

As your business grows, you’ll learn where the right places to give are located. As with everything in your business, this is a learning process. If you give to someone that doesn’t do anything for anybody, perhaps you’ll be wary of giving in the future. However, if the place you give to also gives its fair share too, it can become a process that helps so many people. At Biz Coaching On Demand’s member page, you’ll always be able to contact people, including Fran himself, that know all about this type of practice.

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