Quiet Leader

There are some people who believe that only extremely outgoing and loud spoken people can be leaders. They feel that these qualities give a candidate a better shot at being able to command a room. It can be true that an outgoing and loud person can be a great leader. However, they can also be a pretty bad leader, just as a quieter type of person can be an awesome leader, too.

Biz Coaching On Demand recently posted an interview from Adam Bryant of the New York Times. Bryant interviewed Jeffrey G. Katz, chief executive of Wize Commerce and owner of Nextag. Perhaps the most interesting part of this interview, comes when Bryant asks Katz about his leadership roles in life. Katz, who is undoubtedly a leader in his business, describes himself as being an introvert, both early in life, and even at times today. Katz describes his younger self as a bit of a geek with a creative streak.

Stories like this sort of put to bed the theory that you need to be loud to lead. Some leaders just pick their spots, and can command a room from simple respect. Don’t feel that just because you have certain qualities, and perhaps not others, that you can’t make a good leader. You can be a small business owner, and with the right attitude, you can lead your employees to the next big success story.

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