Adaptation Is Key

Recently, Fran Tarkenton and his team at Biz Coaching On Demand reviewed an article by the magazine Fast Company entitled, “Death To Core Competency.” It is an article that discusses how companies such as Apple, Nike, and Netflix were able to improve business by changing their core approaches. In their review, Biz Coaching On Demand shared their thoughts on this article and how it can impact a small business such as your own.

When you think of companies like Apple, Nike, and Netflix, chances are your thought process is slightly different than it was even a few years ago. No longer does Apple focus solely on computers – they realized the changing landscape of the technological industry and now see 40% of sales coming from music on iTunes and phones. Nike has evolved from virtually just shoes to a complete brand. Just yesterday I saw a Nike bracelet that can track your exercise progress throughout the day. And Netflix basically destroyed Blockbuster by giving consumers an easy outlet for television and movies with help from the internet.

These are just a few examples of how a change in a business model can lead to great success. If your plan is working – great. That’s what the goal is. But these aforementioned companies were all doing pretty well too, before shifting to reach even bigger success. There’s a chance that as you build and grow your business, you’ll realize that a slight deviation in your sales plan or product might be beneficial. This is the type of creativity that can help take your business to the top.

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Give To The Right People

“What goes around comes back around,” isn’t just a line from the 2000’s hit song by Justin Timberlake. It is also a phrase that can describe how karma works in our every day lives. Biz Coaching On Demand’s founder, Fran Tarkenton, recently wrote a blog about how giving is a great thing for business. However, he is quick to summarize the concept from Adam Grant’s ‘Give and Take’, which characterizes people into givers, matchers, or takers. These are all pretty much self explanatory, as people run the gamut from philanthropic to parasitic.

Giving can be a great thing to do for your business, both from a feel-good perspective and from a karma perspective. Unfortunately, if you’re giving to the wrong people, you may not feel any positive effect. ¬†While giving isn’t about the return, you always hope that your resources are going to go to good use. Givers are generally described as ending up at one end or the other of the spectrum – either doing very well or totally wasting their resources. That’s because some know the right people to give to, and others don’t.

As your business grows, you’ll learn where the right places to give are located. As with everything in your business, this is a learning process. If you give to someone that doesn’t do anything for anybody, perhaps you’ll be wary of giving in the future. However, if the place you give to also gives its fair share too, it can become a process that helps so many people. At Biz Coaching On Demand’s member page, you’ll always be able to contact people, including Fran himself, that know all about this type of practice.

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Celebrating America

If you tried to contact Biz Coaching On Demand during the Fourth of July holiday, you probably didn’t hear anything. That’s because they closed down for the holiday, although they still posted some patriotic updates. They shared this American flag picture as their cover photo of their Facebook account and they posted a status about patiently waiting for the fireworks. Also, they shared a quote from Carrie Latet, who said: “May I never wake up from the American dream.”

How apropos a sentiment to share on July 4th. Because really, this country has given us so much. There’s no doubt that we, as citizens, have extremely varied views on numerous issues, so much so that, sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that we’re all Americans. Regardless of what you believe in, where you live, or where you come from, we are Americans, and this country has given us the freedom to pursue so many dreams. If a law ever seems strict, realize just how much worse things are in certain strife-filled nations around the globe.

So take advantage of this freedom that we have been afforded. If you’re thinking about starting a small business, just go do it. Of course it is a scary proposition when you haven’t even started yet, but there are so many success stories of people who came from the same nothingness and turned into a huge company. Biz Coaching On Demand is committed to helping you reach that goal, so join today and find out all of the ways they can assist you and your business.

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Small Business Week Recap

Biz Coaching On Demand recently shared the recap video from small business week. Throughout the week, there were events across the United States, from Seattle to Dallas, and St. Louis to Pittsburgh. The week culminated in a meeting, where small business owners from all around gathered together in Washington, D.C. The people behind small business week got really innovative this year and hosted Google hangout sessions, where Biz Coaching On Demand’s own Fran Tarkenton was a moderator.

The goal of these meetings and sessions was to share tips and tools for small business success. That explains why Mr. Tarkenton was such a valuable addition to the week, as that is what he and his business do for you, year round, at Biz Coaching On Demand. It’s fortunate that members of Biz Coaching On Demand basically have small business week events whenever they want, right at their finger tips, with the toolbox and coaching sessions.

If you haven’t yet, check out the video from small business week. It is great to hear the many success stories from companies just like your’s. Every company that has made something of itself started from a similar place. It is those businesses that are smart enough to utilize tools, like those found on Biz Coaching On Demand, that are able to make that leap to the ultimate level.

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Action Is Good

When it comes to motivational quotes, who better to listen to than Winston Churchill? Mr. Churchill is certainly known for his words of wisdom, some raising a few more eyebrows than others. But when it comes to improving profits and expanding the success of your small business, sometimes a quick sentiment from a guy like Churchill can be an effective tool. If you check out Biz Coaching On Demand’s Facebook page, you’ll find a picture of a crossroads of ‘Expect’ and ‘Results’ with today’s quote.

“I never worry about action, but only about inaction.”

Think back to all the times that something happened at your business. Some of those happenings were probably very good events. Others, maybe not so much. However, can you remember any time at your business where something wasn’t happening where you were gaining anything? That’s exactly what this quote is talking about. Mistakes are generally fixable, but a lack of action can never help your business grow.

So how do you go about a plan of action for your business? Any of your questions can be answered by Fran Tarkenton and his team at Biz Coaching On Demand. Whether you’re using their business toolbox or checking out the latest coaching session, the resources are powerful and virtually limitless. The last thing you want for your business is to be caught up in a state of inactivity. Get started on a course of action and use Biz Coaching On Demand, today.

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Don’t Feel Owed

Biz Coaching On Demand is great at sharing quotes to get you fired up to tackle the business landscape. Whether they post a quote about not letting your fears stop you, or something about being a good leader, Fran Tarkenton and his company want you to be the next success. Today’s quote comes from a very well known source -Mark Twain.

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”

Twain’s quote may come off as a little harsh. We’ve all been in a situation where it seemed that the elements had conspired against us, and we felt that something was owed to us. I know I’ve been there when it comes to certain difficult projects. But as Twain says, it’s just not the case. Things happen in the world – both good and bad, but that doesn’t mean anything is going to even out, or that you should expect anything.

The things worth attaining in this world are worth fighting for. That means you may have to struggle on your way to ultimate success, but in the end, it will be worth it. Because when you’re standing at the top of the mountain, you can look back down at where you’ve been and appreciate all the hard work that went into things. Biz Coaching On Demand has the tools to help you get to the top of that mountain. Check them out today.

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Quiet Leader

There are some people who believe that only extremely outgoing and loud spoken people can be leaders. They feel that these qualities give a candidate a better shot at being able to command a room. It can be true that an outgoing and loud person can be a great leader. However, they can also be a pretty bad leader, just as a quieter type of person can be an awesome leader, too.

Biz Coaching On Demand recently posted an interview from Adam Bryant of the New York Times. Bryant interviewed Jeffrey G. Katz, chief executive of Wize Commerce and owner of Nextag. Perhaps the most interesting part of this interview, comes when Bryant asks Katz about his leadership roles in life. Katz, who is undoubtedly a leader in his business, describes himself as being an introvert, both early in life, and even at times today. Katz describes his younger self as a bit of a geek with a creative streak.

Stories like this sort of put to bed the theory that you need to be loud to lead. Some leaders just pick their spots, and can command a room from simple respect. Don’t feel that just because you have certain qualities, and perhaps not others, that you can’t make a good leader. You can be a small business owner, and with the right attitude, you can lead your employees to the next big success story.

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